A History of Creating Value through Innovation

Since its founding in 2001, the Capstone Group has created value by identifying and investing in distressed or underpriced properties with value-added potential in secondary and tertiary markets throughout the U.S. In their combined over 40-year history, the firm and its predecessor company have purchased and operated more than 100 properties located in over 40 states. Through an intensive, disciplined management process that includes strategic capital improvements, proactive leasing, expense reduction and asset repositioning, Capstone has consistently maximized the cash flows and value of its properties.

Target Market

Distressed commercial properties in secondary & tertiary markets


Create value through strategic renovation and/or repositioning of property


Projected gross return greater than 25% since 2001

Capstone’s projected gross return greater than 25% since 2001 is the best evidence of its ability to execute this strategy with affirming results. The strategic advantages that have facilitated Capstone’s success include:

  • Expertise that enables Capstone to identify value-added opportunities often overlooked by other investors
  • Access to promising investment opportunities through relationships built over 25 years
  • Experience investing in all phases of the real estate cycle
  • Proprietary management systems, which have historically limited the firm’s downside exposure
  • An emphasis on intensive cost management

For examples that showcase Capstone’s ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities in smaller, overlooked markets, see our Success Stories.